Welcome to PencilTreks by Christopher Travel

"He who travels has stories to tell"

— Irish Proverb

What is PencilTreks by Christopher Travel?

PencilTreks by Christopher Travel is the personal blog and behind the scenes look into Christopher Travel.  As a small family business Christopher Travel is routed in the concept of travelschooling.  Years before Christopher Travel came to fruition we decided to homeschool our four kids using the world as our classroom.  By "travelschooling" we complemented our children's homeschool curriculum with global experiences around the world.  This is how we did it.

If we have two passions at Christopher Travel its education and travel.  Whether you homeschool or not-- even if you don't have kids-- seeing first hand and experiencing the vast diversity of the world around us is core to education.  While books give us context experience gives us true understanding.  This is why we love travel.  And this is why we travelschooled our children.  The world is a gift and in that gift we come to understand not only others, but ourselves, our history, and our Creator.

Here, on this website you will find not only practical information, reviews and "how to guides" on travel and homeschooling , but also personal stories and reflections.  As always Christopher Travel's expert planning advice is available for both luxury and family vacations, but if you prefer to do things on your PencilTreks offers everything your need to start "travelschooling". So sit back, relax and immerse yourself in everything you wanted to know about inspiring curiousity and feeding your imagination through educational travel.....

Click the buttons below or the links at the top of the page to find what you are looking for.  To see our most recent posts on both travel and homeschooling please visit our blog .