Spruce Tip Salt is a beautiful light green hue and bursting with flavour.

Spruce Tip Salt is an easy way to sprinkle some fresh forest flavour on almost anything. It’s simple to make too!

  1. Harvest Spruce Tips.

    See my post about foraging for spruce tips for more information and remember every spruce tree will taste slightly differently so try each tree before you harvest. Freshly picked spruce tips sit in a bucket.

  2. Clean Spruce Tips.

    Carefully remove the brown paper like tip if it is still intact and then wash the spruce tips thoroughly.

  3. Dry Spruce Tips.

    This is important. I like to take them and wrap them in a thick towel then I press on the towel until the tips are really dry. I think let them sit out on a different dry towel for an hour or two until they are completely dry.

  4. Chop the spruce tips.

    The smaller you are able to get them the better the flavour of the finished salt. I chope them first with a knife and then pop them in my blender to finish the job.

  5. Add salt to blender.

    I add a half cup salt for every cup of chopped spruce tips. Some people use a one to one ratio, but I like to go heavy on the spruce flavour. It’s really up to you.

  6. Continue to blend.

    Blend until the salt and the spruce tips are thoroughly mixed and chopped fine.

  7. Dehydrate.

    I spread the mixture in a thin layer and put in my air fryer on the dehydrate setting for a couple hours until the salt mixture is completely dry. You can also use a dehydrator or your oven on it’s lowest setting. The key is to keep mixing it every half hour or so and let it continue to cook until all moisture is gone.

  8. Sprinkle away!

    Spruce Tip Salt is great on all kinds of savory dishes, but you can even sprinkle it on sweet things too– like on chocolate or ice cream. Yummy!

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