Mooseakas Serbian restaurant in Denali offers exceptional food right outside the park

One of the great things about living in the United States is that decades of immigrants from around the world have brought a wide array of international cuisine. Alaska is no exception. From an abundance of Thai cuisine to exquisite Philippine restaurants, Alaska boasts an incredibly diverse culinary scene. In fact, nestled in a cluster of log cabins just outside of Denali National Park you will find Moose-AKAs– a fantastic Serbian restaurant.

The unassuming log cabin style restaurant evokes a warm friendly atmosphere. It’s understated elegance perfectly embraces the contrast of a fine restaurant in the middle of rugged wilderness. Decorated with a collection of Serbian antiques in the quintessential style of an Eastern European tavern, Moose-AKas has an ambiance all it’s own.

For travelers weary of mediocre touristy faire Moose-AKas menu is both unique and comforting. Boasting classics like Moussaka (of course!) and schnitzel the restaurant also offers a full array of Serbian wines and Alaskan craft beers. Other menu items include stuffed peppers as well as stuffed cabbage leaves. For those wanted the full experience there are two platter options offering a variety of menu items for your table to share.

If you are exhausted after a long day of hiking (as we were) their take out is both convenient and delicious. We selected an assortment of their flash fried savory crepes and salad to take back to the hotel and enjoy.

The crepes were a delicious melee of diverse textures and perfectly seasoned fillings. Crispy and rough on the outside and moist and warm on the inside they were the perfect meal at the end of glorious autumn day hiking in Denali. The salad was fresh and flavorful and a great complement to the filling crepes. I’d love to go back and enjoy a full multi coursed meal soon!

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