“Experience, Travel — These are an education in themselves.”



I often tell people that the term homeschooling is a bit of a misnomer.  Really, most homeschoolers spend an enormous amount of time learning outside the home with the world as their classroom.  Field trips, co-ops, and other activities are an integral compoenent to any homeschool program.  Travelschooling capitalizes on this concept by expanding the limits beyond day trips making the world your classroom.

Many homeschoolers love this concept, but have no idea how to implement it in a concrete well thought out way.  To help I'm in the process of putting together a series of guides to help you based on my years of travelschooling with my kids.

For each Pencil Treks adventure II'll include the following resources:

  1. Objectives of the lesson
  2. Highlights of the trip if you want to plan on your own
  3. Pre-Planned & Semi-Custom itineraries that I've planned
  4. Materials required for the unit for a wide range of ages.

For further information on how to plan your travelschooling unit you might find my blog posts "How to Plan a Homeschool Road Trip Part One: The Overview" and "How to Plan a Homeschool Road Trip Part Two: The Details"  helpful.  Though these posts are geared towards road trips the process is the same for almost any type of trip.

If you are feeling overwhelmed I also offer semi custom and custom travel planning for homeschoolers which includes reading lists and curriculum suggestions to complement your trip based on the ages and interests of your children.  There is NO trip planning fee for trips that include cruise and/or set tour components.  Email me to set up a free consultation:

  • Least expensive option.
  • Flexible timing.
  • Easy to plan.
  • Close to home or fly/drive options.


  • Best value overall.
  • See many places and unpack once.
  • Relaxing and easy.
  • Anywhere in the world.


  • Great for world cultures.
  • Works well for armchair travel.
  • Combine for multi country adventures.