Along the Alaska Highway: British Columbia

The stretch of the Alaska Highway from Ft. Nelson to Liard Hot Springs is arguably the prettiest stretch of the entire road– and that says a lot because honestly the entire road is just stunning. Nestled en route just by Liard Hot Springs is the Liard Hot Springs Resort.

The resort is a pretty log building just on the highway. With only twelve rooms and several camping sites the lodge is small, quaint and rustic. Surrounded by remote wilderness the accommodations might be a bit pricey for what you get, but after a long day of driving this is the only game in town.

Outside View of Liard Hot Springs Lodge

Maybe it’s just that I was exhausted or maybe it’s just that I have traveled to a lot of remote places and know what to expect but I was delighted with our room in the lodge. It definitely won’t satisfy a luxury traveler, but if you are interested in clean simplicity in a great location it will get the job done.

With two twin beds and a double there was plenty of space for all four of us with the two dogs. The room was simple, but clean. Although I was content my pickier husband noted that the bedspreads were dated and worn as was the bathroom. Two of the beds also were missing flat sheets, but this was quickly rectified by the small, but outstanding staff. To me the major issues were cosmetic and in general the room was adequate if sparse. Rick though would not like to stay here again and wouldn’t recommend it to clients.

Liard Hot Springs Lodge

Although they post on the door that pets are not allowed in the lodge they warmly welcomed Envy and Louie. The do require you to pick up after your dog and sell poop bags inside the lodge in case you have forgotten to bring some. This makes walking your dog around the grounds very pleasant because you don’t need to be concerned about stepping in anything.

Due to the requirements of the quarantine we ate meals from the restaurant in our room. The food was basic but delicious. The bison burgers were perfectly cooked with lettuce and tomato as well as perfectly cooked very “potatoey” fries– crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. We also got the fried chicken which had a great crisp crumb coating on it leaving the chicken inside tender. On the side we had a gumbo like soup which honestly looked kind of scary, but was very tasty. It appeared to have hot dogs in it? But I sweat they didn’t taste like hot dogs. Regardless it was delicious. In addition to the restaurant the lobby also has a little lounge are with free coffee and a microwave.

Also I think it’s important to note that this resort has a boil advisory. I am not sure if this is a permanent issue or not, but they were generous in handing out bottled water. It was almost too much the way they were always handing us bottles of water.

And that brings me to the true beauty of this little lodge in the middle of nowhere: the staff. The manager was always available to answer questions. She got us packed lunches to take with us the following morning. Since the coronavirus was making many Canadians cranky towards Americans she expressed genuine concern that we feel welcomed and cared for. I can overlook missing sheets and bottled water if just for the welcome kindness that was so desperately lacking in the rest of our journey through Canada during the pandemic.

I would definitely recommend Liard Hot Springs Resort for those traveling the Alaska Highway as long as they understood what they were getting. (or more importantly not getting) Although it is very rustic the warmth and hospitality of the staff paired with its prime location make it a great choice for a hotel en route. My husband definitely differs with me on this. (although he agrees the staff was wonderful!)

Next time we are in the area I hope the springs are open as they are only 10-15 minute walk from the lodge and I have heard they are wonderful!

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