"You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces-- just good food from fresh ingredients."


This page lists some of my favorite resources and travel partners.  I'm pretty selective about the resources I recommend and I love feedback if you use any of these.  In addition to being my personal favorites many of these resources are affiliate partners and by purchasing through these links you help support this website and we do appreciate it!

If you are a "book it yourself" kind of traveler the links below are some of our favorites and by purchasing through them you support this website.  If travelschooling sounds awesome, but you are feeling overwhelmed doing it yourself please contact me ( or visit Christopher Travel on the web.  We take care of all the details at every step of the planning process and load everything into a handy dandy phone app so you can just relax and enjoy the family time.

My homeschool resource links below are my "go to" places when I plan each year.  It's always best to try the library first, but these courses, curriculum providers and book sellers are ones I use regularly when the library doesn't have what I need or if it is a resource I will need throughout the year or for multiple children.  I generally avoid larger retailers and support small businesses whenever possible.

I also list Erin Condren because, really, that's the way I organize my life, my business, my homeschooling etc.  My girls both use EC academic planners too.

Please also let us know of any great resources you think we should include on this page!

If you would like more information on how these resources are implemented in homeschooling and travelschooling please refer to my Tips & Tricks page or blog.

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