Get some extra superfoods in your diet with this recipe for Your Super Baked Apples which honestly is great in fall OR winter.

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Your Super Baked Apples

While we are enjoying the first snowfall of the season here in Alaska, the lower 48 is in the height of autumn so I thought I would share my Your Super Baked Apple recipe which honestly is great in fall OR winter. SO where ever you are and whatever the season you can enjoy this healthy and delicious treat!

Time needed: 1 hour.

  1. Core apples

    I always cut my apples in half and bake them that way because it’s way easier, but you can leave them whole and just cut out the insides. Baked Apples are a delicious treat!

  2. Fill apples with butter and coconut sugar

    I use a generous tablespoon of both butter and sugar for every half apple. (I forgot to take a picture so these are already in the oven with the butter starting to melt) VEGAN OPTION: Use coconut oil.

  3. Bake apples for 45 minutes in 375 degree oven.

    Whole apples will take longer than half apples, but there is a lot of leeway here. Keeping them in longer will give them more of a caramel flavor and soften the apple. Bringing the out sooner will emphasize the apple flavor. 45 minutes though is a good reference point. Sprinkling Your Super Superfoods over baked apples is yummy!

  4. Mix Your Super topping

    For each apple you should mix a teaspoon of Your Super Magic Mushroom and a teaspoon of Plant Collagen in a little bowl.

  5. Sprinkle topping evenly over baked apples

    You can serve immediately or put back in the oven to cook the topping in a little bit. Sprinkle Your Super Magic Mushroom and Plant Collagen over baked apples for a delicious treat!

  6. Enjoy your apples!

    They are delicious plain or with either whipped cream or ice cream. VEGAN OPTION: add a dollop of coconut cream or vegan ice cream.A baked apple sprinkled with Your Super Magic Mushroom and Plant Collagen is a delicious treat!

This delicious recipe for Your Super Baked Apples is great for your autumn table and well into winter! It will keep you warm and fill you with all the benefits of Your Super Superfoods! Enjoy it with some warming fall drinks for a perfect complement!

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  1. Mikayla on October 19, 2020 at 3:52 pm

    This looks like the PERFECT fall recipe! Totally trying this! Thank you!!

  2. Shelby on November 23, 2020 at 3:34 pm

    Yummy! This looks delicious!

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