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Does Rosetta Stone really work for homeschoolers?

Does Rosetta Stone really work?

By Mary | October 28, 2020

PencilTreks would like to thank Sarah Carroll, owner of Main Line French Tutor, for contributing the following guest post, “Does Rosetta Stone Really Work?” Please visit Main Line French Tutor to learn more. As a French teacher for over 15 years, I’ve been asked countless times what I think of Rosetta Stone language learning software. …

Homeschooling Middle School and Learning to Color in the Lines

Coloring in the Lines: Homeschooling Middle School in Real Life

By Mary | June 19, 2020

LS is my baby and the fact she is going into eighth grade is really freaking me out.  Luckily she loves being the baby and although she’s been working on her preteen snarkiness it doesn’t come naturally to her so I am cautiously optimistic I can pretend I still have a little kid at least…