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How do I get a diploma for my homeschool high schooler? How do homeschoolers get high school diplomas?

High School Diplomas for Homeschoolers

By Mary | November 3, 2020

Do Homeschoolers need high school diplomas? As I am now homeschooling a high school senior for the third time I thought I would answer a question many homeschoolers of high schoolers ask: How do I get a high school diploma for my homeschooler and do they even need one? The short answer is no. Homeschoolers,…

Does Rosetta Stone really work for homeschoolers?

Does Rosetta Stone really work?

By Mary | October 28, 2020

PencilTreks would like to thank Sarah Carroll, owner of Main Line French Tutor, for contributing the following guest post, “Does Rosetta Stone Really Work?” Please visit Main Line French Tutor to learn more. As a French teacher for over 15 years, I’ve been asked countless times what I think of Rosetta Stone language learning software. …

How to apply to college as a homeschooler

Applying to College as a Homeschooler

By Mary | August 19, 2020

Top Ten Tips for Applying to College as a Homeschooler Applying to college for any kid is an overwhelming process. When applying to college as a homeschooler though the process can be even more confusing. It’s important for homeschool parents to be prepared and start early to minimize the stress and maximize the potential of…

Homeschooling High School

What is the Best Curriculum for Homeschooling High School?

By Mary | July 25, 2020

Choosing a Curriculum for Homeschooling High School If you read and reflected on my previous post about homeschooling high school you already have a good idea of how your child learns and what your time constraints are.  Now we can find a specific curriculum for homeschooling high school to ensure your child not only studies…

Homeschool High School

How to Homeschool High School: Developing a Plan

By Mary | July 22, 2020

With the pandemic raging across the country many school districts are calling for either complete distance learning or a hybrid option.  Let me be clear—in most circumstances (not all, but most) what school districts are doing is simply moving school online.  It is NOT homeschooling.  As a result many people are unhappy with the way…

Hoopjumping 101

By Mary | June 18, 2020

Since I feel like there are just too many variables in planning our trip to Alaska I have decided to focus a bit more on the girls’ school plan for next year.  Every year since I have been homeschooling I come up with a school plan.  It’s basically a subject by subject list of what…

SAT in Alaska

By Mary | June 16, 2020

ES has been asking me for days where to register for the SAT since we are essentially going to be living on the road in a just a few short weeks.  Finally sensing her frustration Rick and I just looked at each other and said Anchorage.  Put down Anchorage.  So there is that.  We have…