Curricula for Homeschool Grade 3, 4, 5

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If you haven’t already read my post on designing a homeschool program for third through fifth grade you should read that first.  Otherwise this is a round up of all my absolute best homeschool curricula for elementary school.  Keep in mind while some of these are affiliate links and I will earn a commission on these products many are not.  I really and truly only suggest programs that I have seen work and work well. 

Best Curricula for Elementary Grades 3-5: Comprehensive All in One Programs


This is a literature based approach to homeschooling.  It has a global perspective as it was originally designed for missionaries so your children will be exposed to remote cultures and a international perspective.  The vast majority of books are secular and you can easily leave out the Bible component if you prefer so I think it would work well for almost anyone.  I have only ever used it for history, but it is almost universally adored by homeschoolers so if you are looking for an all in one approach this is what I would use. 

Moving Beyond the Page

This is a unit study based secular curriculum that is easy to use.  All the units are integrated with each other too so the cross curricular nature makes it more interesting for kids.  My youngest loved this program because she gets easily bored and the units only last three weeks so by the time she was bored she would move on. 

Best Curricula for Elementary Grades 3-5: Subject by Subject

Best Picks For Math

Teaching Textbooks

This is one of my all-time favorite homeschool curriculums. I have used this with all my kids from third grade until pre calculus. 

Learning Wraps

Every single one of my kids did this every day for most of elementary school.  Just ten minutes and they will learn their math facts.  It’s very tactile too so it gives kids something other than flash cards to enjoy. 

Times Tales

For kids who do not like rote memorization this is a great program which will keep kids interested.  My daughter loved this. 


Pretty boring, but very effective workbooks to give kids drill work. 

Best Picks for Literature

Memoria Press

These are great pick for classic reads. Their workbooks can be incredibly boring though so for the most part just let your child read and enjoy the books.


I can’t say enough good things about Sonlight. I have used some Sonlight components every year for fifteen years. Looking back I can only think of two books that didn’t “wow” me.

Best Picks for Grammar and Writing

Primary Language Lessons

This book is intended to take two years in second and third grade.  Unless your child is ready I would just use this for third and fourth grade. I just think second grade really just needs to be less structured.

Shurley English

This program takes a certain degree of patience in the beginning. Once your understand the process you will see how it methodically teaches children grammar in a very structured and thorough way. 

Best Picks for Spelling

My Tried and True Spelling Method

Best Picks for On Your Own History Resources

Memoria Press Timeline Program

This is an excellent resource that children can use over and over every year to mark the history they learn on a timeline.  A timeline is an excellent way for kids to integrate what they are learning year to year and to see how it all fits together.  You can use this program in it’s entirety or just do the wall timeline and/or sketchbook timeline.  The important thing is that kids have a place to mark down the events they are reading about and that you have a list of those events to guide your study of history. 

Evan Moor History Pockets

We have used these multiple times through the year.  They are really great for parents who don’t like projects with kids who do like projects.  It’s a very simple cut and paste approach to projects that somehow manages to always have something creative that kids enjoy. This is one of my top picks of homeschool supplements of all time. 

Seton History (Spine)

This series of US and World History is written from a Catholic perspective.  I appreciate the way the books include Catholic saints and lesser known “heroes” from history.   They are very easy to use with concise text, pictures and maps.

Story of the World (Spine)

Written from a Protestant perspective in a conversational style this book is similar in style to the Hillyer book.  It less gentle in it’s religious leanings however.  I am Catholic and have enjoyed the books with my children, but I definitely found it necessary to balance the way certain events in history are described.

Child’s History of the World (Spine)

Written from a gentle Christian perspective in a conversational style this book truly tells history as a story.  Kids really enjoy it.  It is not without fault however because it is an old book that includes archaic and politically incorrect language in the original format.  I have linked to an updated version that has been edited to remove offensive language. Just be careful if you decide to purchase it used that you are getting the updated version.   

Best Picks for Complete History Programs


(use code MS20485951 for a discount when ordering)

Winter Promise

Moving Beyond the Page

Best Picks for Science

(see my science curriculum post for more information)


This is the most comprehensive homeschool science program. It’s easy to use with fantastic support. I hesitated to use it for a long time because it is definitely from a religious point of view with which I only partially agree, but once I started using it I realized especially in the upper levels there is very little religion in the text. For elementary levels I used the religion as a point of discussion to help my kids understand our own faith and learn respect for other faiths at the same time.

Moving Beyond the Page

This is my second favorite science program. It’s entirely secular and fairly easy to use. They don’t as yet have upper level programs though.


Awesome chemisty subscription service. I can’t recommend these kits enoug!


This is a great computer science subscription with easy to understand fun activities to teach your kids how computers “think”. A great introduction to coding!


Popular subscription service known for high quality STEM kits KiwiCo has something for everyone. Their newer lines for high school and beyond are fantastic!

Best Pick for Art

My Tried and True Art Method

(under Art, Music and Other Electives)

Best Picks for Foreign Language

Rosetta Stone

This review by a French teacher will give you


Similar to Rosetta Stone, but FREE, this program is easy to use once your child can read.

That’s it! These are truly the best and most easy to use in my years of homeschooling. Let me know if you have questions and if you would like more personalized help putting this into a program that works with your kids and your scheduled please consider my consulting service.

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