One of the best parts of living in Alaska is that it’s North America’s version of an African Safari. There’s so much life living in these woods. We’ve seen bald eagles galore, flocks of Bohemian waxwings, snowshoe hare and lots of moose. There are tiny voles and massive grizzly bears. Every day is adventure so we weren’t surprised to encounter this beautiful lynx in the road on the way home from our walk the other evening.

Of all Alaska’s wildlife I think they are the most beautiful. Their coats are thick and fluffy with intricate markings to help them hide in the woods. Their ears have these cool little tufts of fur sticking out too. They are truly magnificent animals.

Although they are bigger than you might think they would be and a bit scary to encounter lynx are actually pretty harmless to people. We just waited a bit at a safe distance (the video is zoomed in) until it went on it’s way.

Naturally shy, they would rather walk cautiously back into the forest and will only attack when threatened. I imagine small dogs might not fare as well in a lynx encounter though. They love the abundance of hares in our area and so they thrive here.

Here’s one more shot of another one peering out at us from the woods as we walked home that same evening.

Lynx are just another part of the adventure of Alaska!

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