How do I get a diploma for my homeschool high schooler? How do homeschoolers get high school diplomas?

Do Homeschoolers need high school diplomas?

As I am now homeschooling a high school senior for the third time I thought I would answer a question many homeschoolers of high schoolers ask: How do I get a high school diploma for my homeschooler and do they even need one?

The short answer is no.

Homeschoolers, in most cases, do not need a high school diploma.

In general a high school transcript is all that is needed to prove a person completed a high school education. In fact colleges and most other academic institutions require a transcript over a diploma. Neither of my sons have homeschool high school diplomas and both have gone on to higher education and employment without being asked to present a diploma. (Although both have been asked for transcripts)

Even if you don’t need a high school diploma you might want one.

Reasons you might want a homeschool high school diploma anyway include:

  • To frame on the wall.
  • To avoid giving out a transcript with poor marks.
  • Presenting a diploma to prove you graduated might be easier than submitting an entire transcript.
  • For those not pursuing higher education it gives some closure to your education.

Where do I get a homeschool high school diploma?

Deciding on how and where to get a diploma for your homeschooler is a personal decision. Keep in mind a diploma really is just a piece of paper so getting one is not difficult at all. It is completely legitimate to issue a diploma on our own as long as you follow your state’s homeschool laws.

“It is completely legitimate to issue a diploma on our own as long as you follow your state’s homeschool laws.”

  • Make one on your own: This option is simple and affordable. Get some quality paper and use a certificate template on your word processor. Easy. Peasy. Done!
  • Order one from a supplier: There are many different companies who print beautiful diplomas for homeschoolers. offers a variety of choices that can be customized.
  • Use an accredited homeschool umbrella program: This only works if you start early. Although most have rather stringent requirements some are rather flexible. This is not my favorite option because I think the advantages of homeschooling high school are the independence so don’t let yourself be boxed in. I understand though some people are just more comfortable with this option.

Final Thoughts

A homeschool high school diploma is not really necessary. It is much more important to focus on creating a solid transcript relecting your child’s homeschool curriculum than it is to have a diploma. If you do want a diploma, however, it’s easy to issue one! So don’t worry and just enjoy your child’s final years homeschooling.

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    Excellent article. I am dealing with a few of these issues as well.. Katherina Brade Uno

    • Mary on November 30, 2020 at 1:52 pm

      Homeschooling high school can be overwhelming. Let me know if you have any questions. I offer homeschool consulting for high school and can walk you through the college application process.

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