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Raddish is an easy and fun way to teach your children basic cooking skills and augment your homeschool curricula with math and reading activities.

So I am dreadfully behind on my reviews, but I am gradually catching up. Raddish sent me a complimentary box to review several weeks ago. Let me first say I love subscription boxes as a general rule especially for kids. Kids love mail. It will get them excited about almost anything so right off the bat my Raddish review starts on a positive note.

That being said some subscriptions are better than others and although I have received this box as a complimentary sample to review and I get paid for subscriptions purchased through links in this article I still aim to be 100% objective in my observations.

PencilTreks Raddish Subscription Box Review

The box I received was colorful and included a variety of recipes, a spatula and some related activity cards. Everything in the box was colorful and high quality. The presentation would excite any child learning to cook.

The box theme, “Family Fun Night” included three recipes– corn muffins, make your own baked potato bar and domino cookies.

My daughter (aged 13) helped with my Raddish Review and cooked the domino cookies completely on her own without my assistance. She thought the box would be great fun and age appropriate for kids age 3-7 to cook with assistance.

She appreciated the clever way they suggest rolling out the dough in a plastic baggie. I imagine this is a much more sensible way to roll out cookie dough with a small child than a rolling pin with flour.

The Raddish Box also included an adventure board game, conversation starter cards and the instructions for both spoons and a card game.

The recipes were child friendly and simple. Picture based instructions make it easy for even pre-readers to follow along and a separate grocery list makes it easy for parents to get what they need at the store.

I particularly love the “Culinary Skills and Kitchen Connections” on each Raddish Box card. For example, the domino cookie recipe has a math activity included. As a homeschooler incorporating cross curricular activities with cooking lessons really makes learning fun.

Final Thoughts on Raddish Box

My honest opinion for this Raddish box review is that it is perfect for someone who wants an easy, colorful way to engage kids in cooking and can afford to spend a little extra money on this. It would also make a fun gift for a kid. If you are on a tight budget however, the box really doesn’t include much substance in terms of cooking equipment and is mostly just colorful cards– you are buying information. The ideas are well presented and super easy to use, but they are also things you could probably come up with on your own if you had the time. It just depends on what is worth more to you– the money spent on the box or the time spent coming up with similar recipes/activities on your own. I would also suggest the best age range as 3-8 years old.

Raddish Box Pros:

  1. Colorful presentation
  2. Child friendly recipes and instructions
  3. Quality spatula
  4. Parent friendly grocery list
  5. Excellent cross curricular integrations for homeschoolers
  6. Easy way to teach kids basic cooking techniques

Raddish Box Cons:

  1. Not enough fruits and veggies included in recipes.
  2. Price is high for what you get.

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