"Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land. For I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.”"

— Genesis 28:15

My First Blog Post: Coronavirus, Control Freaks and Pencils

By Mary | June 14, 2020

So here I go with my first blog post.  It’s odd really.  I have owned this website for several years now, but life got busy…

SAT in Alaska

By Mary | June 16, 2020

ES has been asking me for days where to register for the SAT since we are essentially going to be living on the road in…

Hoopjumping 101

By Mary | June 18, 2020

Since I feel like there are just too many variables in planning our trip to Alaska I have decided to focus a bit more on…

Homeschooling Middle School and Learning to Color in the Lines

Coloring in the Lines: Homeschooling Middle School in Real Life

By Mary | June 19, 2020

LS is my baby and the fact she is going into eighth grade is really freaking me out.  Luckily she loves being the baby and…

Random Acts of Kindness

By Mary | June 23, 2020

Yay!  I was the recipient of a random act of kindness.  We’ve all seen the FB memes and heard the stories, but wow when it…

The Plan (so far)

By Mary | July 3, 2020

As the clock starts ticking down to our departure we are getting a little bit more serious about making concrete plans.  We decided selling our…

What clothing should we bring to Alaska?

By Mary | July 5, 2020

Today we are working on setting clothing aside not to be packed in storage. What clothing do we bring to Alaska?   Obviously for much…

Learning to fish

By Mary | July 6, 2020

So we don’t fish.  I mean I did once or twice as a kid, but honestly I don’t know anything about it.  I often get…

Snacks for the Journey

Snacks for the Journey

By Mary | July 26, 2020

Snacks for the Journey So things are moving along with our move.  We are busy sorting all our stuff into what goes to Alaska, what…

Moving Day

The Theology of Moving

By Mary | August 9, 2020

So we take a break from the informational posts about homeschooling for a moving update.  The move is moving forward.  It’s just as exhausting and…

Frustrations of Moving

Time Sucking Annoyances While Moving

By Mary | August 11, 2020

So we are now on our way to Alaska. Later than expected, but on our way. The last few days have been like being pricked…

Pittsburger Primanti Sandwiches

Pittsburgh Classic: Primanti Bros. Sandwiches

By Mary | August 14, 2020

So Rick is a huge fan of the reality show Man vs. Food and he has always wanted to stop at Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh.…

We Moved to Alaska! A beautiful view of mountains and a link for a travel and homeschool website

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