"Faith can move mountains"

— Matthew 17:20

Catholic Homeschooling

How Nature Study Teaches Us About God

By Mary | September 4, 2020

As you probably already know I am a big fan of nature study for young kids in the homeschool curriculum. There are obviously many benefits that I have discussed in other posts about nature study. Kids learn not only scientific knowledge, but nature study can also improve communication and artistic skills. It teaches them patience…

Random Acts of Kindness

By Mary | June 23, 2020

Yay!  I was the recipient of a random act of kindness.  We’ve all seen the FB memes and heard the stories, but wow when it happens to you it’s like the sky is opening up and the warmth of the sun is pouring down on your rainy day.  Let me start by saying I have…

Moving Day

The Theology of Moving

By Mary | August 9, 2020

So we take a break from the informational posts about homeschooling for a moving update.  The move is moving forward.  It’s just as exhausting and confusing as it has been the last 12 times we moved.  Yes, we have moved twelve times in our marriage.  I tell people of us  it’s like childbirth.  You forget…

Frustrations of Moving

Time Sucking Annoyances While Moving

By Mary | August 11, 2020

So we are now on our way to Alaska. Later than expected, but on our way. The last few days have been like being pricked by a thousand tiny needle. Luckily this is not my first rodeo when it comes to moving so none of it surprised me. In fact if everything had gone correctly…

St. James Church Jamestown, North Dakota

The Basilica of Saint James: a North Dakota Pilgrimage Stop

By Mary | August 19, 2020

Road Trip Stop: Jamestown, North Dakota Basilica of Saint James After visiting the quirky roadside attractions of the World’s Largest Buffalo and the Frontiertown we headed to downtown Jamestown to the Basilica of St. James. Like many towns in the west the history of Jamestown is intricately entwined in the history of it’s church and…